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Trail and mountain running development

27th - 31st July 2024

Move faster, further and more confidently on your own in the mountains

About The Course 

This course is suitable for those who are quite happy undertaking runs on trails and would like to move into more challenging mountain terrain. You may have done some mountain running or participated in an organised event previously but this is not essential. The course is designed for those who would like the confidence to explore the mountains independently and take their runs into more technical terrain. Participants may also be looking to train ‘better’ i.e understand their training, be injured less, move faster, or achieve a big goal.

What will the course include?

  • A variety of guided runs on mountainous terrain including the option of a skyrunning route  

  • A relaxed run exploring the local human and natural history and gaining understanding of the mountain landscape

  • Route planning (useful tools and apps, and understanding mountain weather and conditions)

  • Decision making (dynamically assessing risk, and understanding what to do if it goes wrong)

  • Ascending and descending skills (advanced methods for skyrunning style terrain)

  • Movement skills and strategies for technical skyrunning terrain

  • Introduction to mountain navigation (becoming comfortable using a map and compass away from trails)

  • Psychological aspects of training and racing

  • Endurance training theory (HR zones, tools, structuring your training, coaching, types of run, women specific training advice, training for running in the mountains when you don’t live near them)

  • Strength and stretching for runners

  • Shoes (an in depth look at specialist footwear)

  • Kit (an in depth look at technical clothing and equipment, including kit carriage, and minimising your kit safely)

  • Nutrition and fueling (differences between various sports nutrition products, fueling for different distances,  and pre-race nutrition)

  • Use of poles (when, how and if you should use them)

  • Injury prevention (warm-ups, mobility, strength work and drills, specifically for the demands of trail and mountain running)

  • Running stories and experience from the team

  • An optional shared group meal on the final evening (not included in the price)


The course runs Sunday to Wednesday between 09:30 - 1730, but the exact nature and structure of the days will be tailored to the group and weather conditions; these will be communicated to you nearer to the time.

A typical day will involve some skills based learning and a group run. Runners should be comfortable with runs between 10 - 20km, some with significant elevation profiles. These will be paced at an intensity that allows for conversation, and will frequently stop for discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will I be fit enough? 


The course description details how far you should to be comfortable running, however the runs will often be very stop-start as we discuss things along the way. There will usually be multiple guides on a run, so we can easily cater for mixed ability groups. Remember, a good amount of trail running is actually walking! If this hasn't put your mind at ease, please get in touch for a chat. 

What happens if we cancel the course?

If we cancel a course you will be entitled to a full refund or a place on our next available course. 

Will we be outside the whole time? 

We will get out for a run every day, but most days will involve an element of indoor learning as well. 

Is food and accommodation included? 

No. Food and accommodation are not included in our course prices, this is to allow people to cater for their own budgets and preferences. You will need to bring a packed lunch with you each day. 

What does the timetable look like? 


We will take into consideration weather, mountain conditions, and group ability nearer the time in order to best deliver the course content - no two courses are exactly the same! In the days before your course, you will receive an email from the team outlining the first few days and giving meeting time and place for the first day. Usually all course activities are conducted between 09:30 and 5:30.

What is the age limit?

There is no upper limit! However, under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


When and how do I pay?

To secure your place you will pay a deposit when you book. You will then receive a welcome email with details of how to pay the remaining amount. Courses must be paid for in full no later than 24 days before the start date. 

What happens if I need to cancel? 

Full details of our cancellation policy can be found in our Terms & Conditions

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